Random Topic 1 – 雨男 and more


Just came to see my sister doing emcee at KPGA Awards 2013. The event summarizes wonderful golf moments happened in Korea’s professional golf league and awards golfers with shining trophies! And of course, my beautiful sister is the main emcee of the event 🙂 But wait this is a Japanese language blog right? Don’t worry, I prepared an interesting Japanese term for you.

Today’s word


あめおとこameotoko  【 雨男 】
  1. (n) man whose presence seems to cause rain→Related words: 雨女
Every time you go out with him, it seems to rain. So we call him the rain man.
From: http://www.romajidesu.com/dictionary/meaning-of-%E9%9B%A8%E7%94%B7.html

So if you read the definition, this isn’t specifically related to golf. It simply refers to the person who always seems to bring rainy weather with him! This term may be quite odd in regions where it doesn’t rain often. But in countries like Japan where it rains frequently, the term could definitely be used to tease someone!

In fact, there is a Doraemon episode about it!


In one of its episodes, Nobita, the main character of the Doraemon series, finds his father sitting down depressed, in front of his golf bag. It turns out that he is depressed because every single time he goes out to golf with his co-workers, it rains! His superior called him 雨男 and even his co-workers are becoming reluctant to play with him. Poor oyaji….


  So in order to help him out, Doraemon takes out something called “Ame-okoto meter”   (Somebody help me with the actual name of the machine Doraemon says, I can’t really read it. 僕はそれ読めません)


It turns out that from scale -10 to +10, Nobita’s dad is measured -8.5! No wonder it rained every time he went out to golf! Fortunately however, they found that Shizuka (the girl Nobita likes) and Takeshi (the bully) has enough positive “Sun-power” to negate 雨男’s “rain-power.”


So when the father goes out to the field, Doraemon brings his friends to the same golf field in order to prevent rain. Finally with Nobita and his friends effort, his dad enjoys golf without any pressure!

When I thought about what the world would be like with this machine, I suddenly had a scene in my mind, in which people separating into two groups: the sunny group and the rainy group. My imagination took off. People from the sunny group would avoid people from the rainy group who brings bad weather. Teenagers would stop hanging out with their “rainy” friends, and outdoor sporting events would check everyone to make sure they are not 雨男。These small microscopic effects will eventually be social and a segregation would take place. The rainy group people would be cornered into a “Forever-raining” region and spend their lives in always humid environment. Then eventually, people would realize, that they can’t live without rain because they suffer from drought and plants are dying! The rainy group would mix with the sunny group to balance out the weather, and people will again learn what it means to live harmoniously.

Wow, I’m quite surprised where my mind takes me sometimes. I am definitely a heavy right-brain user.

That’s it for today, and I hope you all enjoy your day without a rainy weather!!!

– Leonard

images from: http://plaza.rakuten.co.jp/neoreeves/diary/201106240000/

4 thoughts on “Random Topic 1 – 雨男 and more

  1. I’ve been called an 雨男 on several occassions, and proud to be one (:
    The meter says “ameotoko hareotoko me-ta-” which fits with the way its used in the story as a meter that measures whether someone is a ‘ameotoko’ or ‘hareotoko’. Remember ‘hare’ means the opposite of rain, i.e. nice clear weather.

  2. alisaw

    雨男晴れ男メーター is “ame-otoko-hare-otoko-meter”. Hare-otoko is basically the opposite of an 雨男, the “sunny” people 🙂

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