Lesson 2 – Merry Christmas!


It’s been a while since my last post, so I decided to take some time during Christmas to write this post 🙂 One step closer to my goal!

Today’s Kanji

New Vocabularies Learned

  1. 休日 – きゅうじつ  holiday
  2. お正月-おしょうがつ New Year’s Holiday
  3. 火事-かじ fire
  4. 花火-はなび fireworks
  5. 消火器-しょうがき fire extinguisher
  6. 火災-かさい fire disaster
  7. 水泳-すいえい swimming
  8. 水道-すいどうwater supply
  9. 香水-こうすい perfume
  10. 木綿-もめん cotton
  11. 材木-ざいもく lumber
  12. 木陰-こかげ shade of a tree
  13. 料金-りょうきん charge / fee
  14. 奨学金-しょうがくきん scholarship
  15. 現金-げんきん cash
  16. 税金-ぜいきん tax
  17. 金づち - かなづち hammer
  18. 粘土-ねんど clay
  19. 土地-とち land
  20. 土台-どだい foundation
  21. 土足厳禁-どそくげんきん Shoes Off
  22. 大人-おとな adult
  23. 時代-じだい age / era
  24. 半額-はんがくhalf price
  25. 半年-はんとし half a year
  26. 前半-ぜんはん the first half
  27. 半分-はんぶん half


休日 – きゅうじつ  holiday
お正月-おしょうがつ New Year’s Holiday
火事-かじ fire
4.花火 – I found this word interesting because of the order of Kanji. In Korea, we say 불꽃 for fireworks, and the order of those two letters are  火 花 (fire, flower) In Japan, however, such order would mean spark or flame.

21. 土足現金-どそくげんきん Shoes Off

土足 (dirt, foot) means dirty shoes. The sign is saying “Take off the shoes with dirt on” which is shortly, “Shoes OFF”

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3 thoughts on “Lesson 2 – Merry Christmas!

  1. Good vocab list, there were a few like 木綿 and 木陰 which I didn’t know.By the way 消火器 is しょうかき not しょうがき (^_^)
    For completeness you could add a few more vocab words to cover all of the kanji, like 短刀 or お寺.

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