Lesson 3 – HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!


Happy New Year everyone! I hope you guys had wonderful New Year parties with families and friends 🙂

As the new year begins, I decided to make a major adjustment to the course of my studying. Although my studying material which I’m currently using is super effective for me, I realize that I shouldn’t infringe the publisher’s copyright. So I decided to instead use different lists of kanji and vocabularies out there on the Internet for free for this blog. The materials may overlap with some of the past materials but I’m sure it won’t be that big of a problem.I also decided to focus on less number of kanji each session in order to pay more attention to each letter.

I will still make use of my book and will be applying those knowledge in other forms such as writing short sentences or stories. Hopefully it will improve my writing both in English and Japanese.

Today’s Kanji

1.上 – up, above

2.下 – down, under

3.中 – middle

4.外 – outside

Sentences including above Kanji

(for the brevity, I will only provide the reading of Kanji in each particular case)


Because my head hurt (because I had a headache), in the middle of work I went up to the rooftop.

  • 上る - のぼる - to go up
  • 途中 - とちゅう - in the middle of~ (に)
  • 屋上  おくじょう - rooftop


Because it was cold, I put on a jacket.

  • 上着 - うわぎ -jacket


As I walked up to the rooftop, I looked at the river outside the window.

  • 上がる -あがる-to go up
  • 外 - そと -outside


The water flowing upstream was beautiful.

  • 川上 - かわかみ - upstream


At the rooftop, I breathed in fresh air and my headache went away.

[ I find this sentence particularly difficult to translate since the exact expression doesn’t quite exist in English I think… If you have any opinion please let me know in the comment section 🙂  ]

Other Vocabularies

  • 新鮮な - しんせんな ー fresh
  • 流れる - ながれる - to flow

7 thoughts on “Lesson 3 – HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!

  1. Good moral decision. I’m sure the publisher of the book you are using would be happy (:

    If you don’t mind I’d like to give a few comments on your post. If my comments are ever annoying just let me know and I’ll stop (:

    1) I think that 仕事の途中に is a little more natural (you can even drop the の), or at least more commonly used than 仕事をする途中に.

    2) About this sentence: 屋上に上がるながら窓の外に見える川を見ました
    a) It should be 上がりながら
    b) I feel that 窓の外の川 is more natural, and a quick google comparison seems to agree. Though what you wrote isn’t grammatically incorrect.

    3) I feel like 空気を吸ったら頭がすっきりした is more natural but Its just a hunch. I’ll try to check with somebody later on this since I need to do more research on すると vs したら vs すれば myself.

    • Thank you for your comment!!! I really appreciate how detailed it is. I wish I have enough knowledge to give back to you as well 😦 Soon I Will.
      As for number 3 I still need to understand the grammar more myself but I actually got that sentence from a native Japanese speaker so perhaps that could help you with your research. I will also research on issues addressed in 1 and 2!

      • If a native said #3 then I’ll have to concede defeat (恥)。

        I’m pretty sure 吸ったら is also valid there, but want to figure out what the nuance difference is. I’ll check with my source and see if there is any.

  2. Overnight I posted this question on Oshiete Goo and got a bunch of responses. The brief summary is both 吸うと and 吸ったら are correct and natural, but the subtle nuance difference between them seems to be in debate. One person said the latter was slightly more natural, and another person said that the former seems to express a fact, whereas the second expresses a slight surprise at the result. The whole post is here, though its in Japanese (:


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